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Roadbooks are an important part of your event. No matter if it´s a stage rally, regularity rally or a simple orientation drive, the roadbook is one of the codrivers main tools. A bad drawn roadbook can be crucial for the competition and cast a negative light on your event, for example if a codriver finds a mistake during recce. A bad drawn roadbook symbol also causes problems concerning sports law, because the right route needs to be shown exactly.

We can offer you (inter alia) the following kinds of roadbooks for your event:

  • Stage rallies in FIA-Standard with clear and precise symbols, maps and appendices (recce, alternativeroute, forms)
  • Oldtimer Rallies no matter if regularity, target time or orientation suited to your whishes depending on the difficulty of the event

We support you from taking the routes until the print ready book. Contact us!

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